Carpet Wall Replaced by Splash of White

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

by Elizabeth Knight

Walkersville High School has undergone many changes this summer to help improve our school. One of the big changes was the removal of the more than outdated carpet plastered on the main wall in the underclassmen cafeteria/commons area.

Most students could not wait to see this carpet go since the moment they walked into the building for the first time. A rising senior, Alexa Leger said, “The carpet was dirty and outdated,” Even the administration and staff members wanted the carpet to go. Principal Tracey Franklin said, “aesthetically it has moved passed it’s time of being appropriate.”

When asked how she felt about the carpet wall, Debbie Santelli the guidance office secretary said, “Amen!” She also informed us that many years ago the same carpet that was once plastered to the carpet wall was also on the floors. Santelli said, “We all wondered why they didn’t take it off the wall as well, it was just inviting germs.”

Custodian Larry Beard said, “It didn’t look like it belonged.”

The administration decided to do away with the carpet on the walls as Franklin said, “it limited our use of the space, sports teams and clubs did not want to use the space. The white wall looks more formal for banquets.

Although the carpet is gone students are now faced with a plain white wall with just two stickers with the school emblem on them. Students say this is a far better improvement than the old dirty carpet that filled the wall before but the plainness could be improved. Zoe Sharrer, who is also a senior said, “I like the white walls a lot better than the carpet. The carpet looked kind of dirty and gross, so I’m glad they took it down.”

As to how they could improve the wall, junior, Julia Wadding said, “They could improve it by painting it school colors or do something like a mural,” Most students are so glad the carpet was taken down but feel as though the white wall needs something more. One way that they could improve the wall along with painting it would be to have student produced artwork hanging on the wall to showcase the many talents amongst the student body.

When asked what was going to happen next, assistant principal, Danny Rumpf, said, “We personally don’t have plans, but we are forming a group of staff and hopefully students as well to decide what to do next with the wall and with others.” Stay tuned to see what happens next with the wall.DSCN0004

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