Black Hog a New Restaurant Addition to Clemson Corner

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

by Ciarra Lawson

Clemson Corner has blown up! From starting with Wegmans and Chipotle, to a Sport and Health and Buffalo Wild Wings. A barbeque joint that originated in downtown Frederick, Black Hog, is one of the newest additions to Clemson Corner.

Unlike the two others in Frederick and Urbana, instead of being seated and being waited by someone, this Black Hog takes on the assembly line as a lot of businesses are beginning to do,.

You follow the arrows when first walking in, entering a line. First you are asked which meat you settle for, and then you slide down to be asked what choice of sides you want.

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The choice of meats you get to choose between are: BBQ sandwich, burgers, ribs, hot wings, brisket and smoked sausage and ham. Sides: beans, mac & cheese, potato salad, rice, sweet potatoes, and southern green beans.

Each meal is accompanied with cornbread & a pickle.

The dining area is lit with glistening lighting. If you walk outside you will see a sink outside for you to clean up your bbq’ed hands.

Although it’s a wee bit pricey, Black Hog is definitely worth a try!

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