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Athletic Trainer Andrea Chambers Crucial to All Sports Teams at WHS

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

by Adam Hostetter

With all the preseason hype for fall sports, there is one key element that gets lost in the shuffle. This person is crucial to all sports teams at Walkersville High School and should be recognized as such.

Every school needs a good athletic trainer; they need some to help aid the student-athletes to health. We are very fortunate to have Andrea Chambers as our trainer for sports here at Walkersville High School.

Chambers has already been faced with many major injuries this year such as meniscal tears, MCL sprains, and concussions. She has handled it with great composure and skill. She says treating these knee injuries “includes icing a few times a day to reduce inflammation, wrapping in an ACE wrap and elevation if there is any swelling, and rest, of course.” Chambers is “hopeful we will have all but one or two of our knee injuries back by their respective first games.”

The student body also loves her. When asking students for her opinion on Chambers, Eowyn Campbell summed it up pretty well, when saying “She works really well with the athletes, and is really dedicated to her job and the kids.”

The Athletic Department really appreciates her dedication as a trainer as well. Athletic Director Mike Mummert says “She has a really good sense for the time an athlete should stay out before returning,” Mummert also says, “All the coaches love her; she is a very valuable asset for our school.”

We are extremely lucky to have Chambers as our trainer here at WHS. I speak for everyone in Walkersville when I say, thank you so much for your dedication.

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