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Artisan Opens Studio in Old Feed Store

For over a year, Kate Klipp has been working away in Ralph Whitmore’s old feed store creating works of art. More recently, she opened the doors of her workshop as a quaint store filled with her creations and some other treasures. “A lot of community members urged me to open the store. They said it would be fun.” Hence, Coal Depot Glass Studio opened its doors.

IMG_20141213_135144820Anyone driving down West Pennsylvania Avenue will have noticed the festive decorations. Ms. Klipp created a Christmas delight for all who pass the small store. Its a big change from its past.

The domino board, Ralph’s desk, and the feed dust exist only in the memories of the patrons and many politicians who frequented the feed store for a game of dominoes or just to discuss the matters of the day.

In days gone by, the building served the trains as the coal depot. That’s where Klipp came up with the name for her shop.

IMG_20141213_135630326Walking inside Coal Depot Glass Studio, glass sculptures and decorations entertain the eyes and bid a closer look. In one corner, Ms. Klipp’s workstation allows visitors to watch her artistic hand manipulate glass in the flames into treasures to be coveted. You can even watch her make those “Traditional Christmas Pickles” to hide on the tree.

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For twenty years, she created her glass art in Maui. She recently moved back to the area to be close to family. She quickly set-up shop and began making her famous pickles and other glass art. Her traditional style of glass blowing makes her creations fun to watch and to own.


If you have not finished your Christmas shopping, Coal Depot Glass Studio will help you provide a one of a kind gift.

If you want more decorations for the tree, be sure to stop by and add some wonderful pieces made right here in Walkersville!

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