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Arrest Made in Waterside Murder

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On the evening of Friday, September 11, 2020, Frederick County Sheriff’s Office detectives arrested Jordan Hooks, 27, of Frederick and charged him with 1st Degree Murder for the homicide of Mr. Jaemari Anderson that occurred on September 6, 2020.

Through a series of interviews, invaluable assistance from the Frederick City Police, and a search warrant obtained and served at Hooks’ residence on Waterview Court, detectives were able to determine that Anderson and Hooks were described as close friends and were both at Hooks’ house smoking marijuana throughout the day and evening of September 6th. Detectives located Anderson’s cell phone and other personal property in Hooks’ basement, and videos from Hooks’ cell phone, believed to have been recorded on September 5th, that depict Hooks and several others in his basement smoking suspected marijuana and holding and waving objects that clearly appear to be handguns. At one point, Hooks is seen holding and pointing a silver-colored handgun at the camera.

During the course of the investigation, detectives learned that on September 6th there had been a confrontational argument between Anderson and several others in Hooks’ basement, during which Anderson was confronted and verbally challenged. This led to Hooks and Anderson agreeing to a physical fight. Detectives determined that when Anderson left the room, Hooks pulled a handgun from the couch, believed to be the same one from the video, and put it in his waistband.

The group then left the basement and headed toward the walking path in Waterside. Witnesses and neighbors describe hearing a single gunshot and people fleeing the area. A single shell casing was found within a few feet of the victim.

When interviewed, Hooks confirmed that he and Anderson had been together during the day, but said that Anderson had left earlier in the afternoon to meet his girlfriend. He also did not know why Anderson would leave his cell phone or other personal property at his house.

Detectives are still considering this an active homicide investigation.

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