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by Grainne McCormick

On the very hot summer day of June 17th, 2014, I had the privilege to see Arctic Monkeys live in concert at Stage AE, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

As I was walking up to the venue, the line of people went around two blocks. It was so hot outside and everyone was sweating bullets. The number of girls wearing knee socks to coincide with their song “Knee Socks” was crazy. When I finally got inside the venue, I made my way to the crowd for general admission.

The opening band, White Denim, played about five songs, their guitar riffs were incredible. People got waters from the drink stands to prepare for the heat of the crowd mobbing/dancing.  After the stage workers made sure everything was all right, it was show time..

The classic guitar chords of their popular single, “Do I Wanna Know?” began to play and the band was on stage. The crowd went wild. After the opener, they played “Snap Out of It,” “Arabella” where lead singer, Alex Turner’s voice was angelically mystifying.

Then they took it back to some of their older music with “Brainstorm,” “Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair,” “Dancing Shoes,” “Library Pictures,” and “Crying Lightning.” Drummer Matt Helder was smashing it. The lights started flashing blue and red and everybody was screaming as they began “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?” another popular single.

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The lights switched to orange and “Fireside” was next. The lights were amazing! The entire time the lights would switch and flash to the beat of the song that they were performing. They played “She’s Thunderstorm,” “No. 1 Party Anthem,” “Cornerstone,” and “Knee Socks.”  Jamie Cook and Nick O’Malley were killing it on bass and guitar, never missing a note. Then the crowd got silent as the lights went bright red.

There was a slight pause, then the guitar for “Fluorescent Adolescent” started playing and everyone was jumping and fist pumping to the song. They finished off with the classic “505” with guitar solos from Turner that were mind-blowing, and the lights went blue and white, making the concert vibe even more surreal and magical.

But were they actually finished? No!

After about five minutes of the stage being empty, they came back out for the encore! The sinister guitar riff of “One for the Road” began playing. Things calmed down a bit after the song with the slow romantic song, “I Wanna Be Yours.” Now it was time for the final song, “R U Mine?” Big, sleazy guitar riffs and spectacular drumming made this a perfect finale song. Everyone was screaming, singing, dancing, and definitely sweating as the final note was played and the Monkeys walked off stage.

If you like rock music and you haven’t listened to anything by Arctic Monkeys, you definitely should! Click the link for their YouTube channel ( or Arctic Monkeys on Amazon; you won’t be disappointed.

If there’s ever a chance where you’re able to see them perform live, do it. It’s an amazing experience you will not regret.

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