Advisers for Creative Writing Club Excited About the New Year

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by Tori Caulfield

It’s that time of year again!, The time where a handful of students sign up for some of the awesome clubs Walkersville High has to offer.

The creative writing club leaders Marc Macdonald and Christine Keleher share the main goals of this club and what they look forward to most about it starting up again.

Keleher shared this is her third year being involved in this club and has loved it every single time. “Mr. Macdonald and I both had such a high interest in it and just both decided to take it on together.” said Keleher. This club mainly focuses on creativity and what you can bring to your writing. “We start with a prompt or an idea and then just let the students take it the way they want it and just run with it.” said Keleher.

The club will be meeting once every three weeks during flex and usually has a great range of 20 to 25 students; it’s not too late to sign up! “ I like to look at it as a chance to take a little break from school work and have some fun, just to show that writing doesn’t always have to be stressful,” said Macdonald.

Two devoted teachers are looking forward to what’s about to come from this club. “My favorite thing about this club is hearing the ideas students come up with, their ideas are so creative!” said Keleher. “Seeing the first breakthrough where students see their writing can be better or can mean something is the best” said Macdonald.


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