Academic Team Getting Ready to Appear on It’s Academic

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

by Mollie Green

“To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge.”- Confucius

For over thirty years, Walkersville High School’s Academic Team has been in action. John Van Bloem, who is a first year adviser, was happy to share his experience.

You may be wondering, what is Academic Team? Academic Team is, “a team that competes with other teams around the county and state on their knowledge,” according to Van Bloem.

Van Bloem says he is enjoying it. “It takes time. It’s fun to hang with kids who like to learn things.” Van Bloem is from many different places so he has much knowledge on many subjects.

Senior Jacob Bartholow shared his responsibilities as president of the Academic Team here at Walkersville High School. “I usually just lead the practices and the matches. I always sit up there and introduce the team and all that stuff.” Bartholow said.

Bartholow also explained how matches are held, “There are different rounds, and we pull people for these different rounds. There’s a category round that we can study for each week. There’s also a random round, a math round; all that stuff.”

I asked Bartholow how many years he has been on the team and he said, “I started last year but I really regret that, I wish I would have started earlier.”

Wish the Walkersville Lions good luck as they have their first match which will be on a television show called “It’s Academic,” is next Saturday, October 18th. They will be going up against Perry Hall and Western High School.

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