Abandoned Bank Property Gets a Tenant – Temporarily

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The abandoned bank at Walkers Village Shopping Center had a new tenant moving in today, temporarily.  The bank has been vacant for over a decade.

For the next week or two, folks will be able to purchase fireworks from a tent erected on the property.  A port-a-pot was placed against the bank building. wpid-wp-1403741111560.jpeg

The Town of Walkersville’s Planning Administrator confirmed that the use is being allowed under a section of town code that permits

“tent, sidewalk or other outdoor sales events which are accessory to an existing commercial use in any commercial district, provided the sales events do not last more than three days and only occur up to four times per year, and provided that no sidewalk is blocked to pedestrian traffic.”

The use will last more than three days, but they will combine all four of their allowed occurrences for this one use.

The property is yet another commercial property eyesore in the Town of Walkersville.  Vandals often decorate the brick building with grafitti, break glass, and leave debris around the building.

The property, owned by Tomarchio Enterprises, has been listed for sale for over one million dollars.  The property is for lease.

Tomarchio Enterprises owns the Walkers Village Shopping Center, and the abandoned Exxon station across MD 194.  The properties owned by Tomarchio Enterprises have been filled with abandoned properties for well over a decade.  The leasing agent lists over 45,000 square feet of vacant commercial space.

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