A Wake Up Call for Politicians

George Wenschhof

Before Republicans get carried away with their victories and Democrats wallow in their defeats in the 2014 midterm elections, they should see the real message being delivered by voters.  The message is voters are tired of rhetoric and yearn for results.

A frustrated voter came up to me yesterday at a polling location and asked me “are there any moderates out there”?

Gerrymandering has contributed to candidates with far left and far right ideologies winning elections across the country.  As elected officials they often feel compelled to stand by their ideology rather than capitulate and reach agreement with their opposite.

The subsequent gridlock in Washington has lead to little to no meaningful legislation moving forward.

Adding to Americans disdain with elections is the amount of money spent on campaigns.

A loss of seats in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives was expected in this midterm election by Democratic leaders.  History shows this is a common occurrence to the political party who has a president serving a second term.

However, the severity of the drubbing of Democrats by Republicans across the country in races for the House, Senate and Governor was a surprise.

As the fog of the morning after begins to lift, it looks like Republicans will hold 53 seats in the Senate and 242 in the House.

Republicans will revel in their victories and the second guessing by Democrats will begin.

Yet, the answer is simple and that is for elected officials to roll up their sleeves, work together and deliver results.

Opportunities exist to pass legislation to create jobs rebuilding the country’s aging infrastructure, immigration reform, tax reform and approval of the Keystone XL pipeline.

Eyes will be on Republicans and the White House to see what actions are taken by both political parties over the next two years.

The 2016 presidential election campaign will begin in early 2015, shortly after New Year celebrations conclude.

The political party that recognizes the need for campaign finance reform and nonpartisan committees drawing redistricting maps in all states across the country will gain the favor of American voters.

Working together to deliver results and end the rhetoric is the message voters are sending to politicians.

Stay tuned.

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