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A New Gym Floor and Bleachers Are On the Way

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news - gym floor 2by Taylor McClelland

The gym renovations are affecting the student body and faculty in big ways. But is it really for the greater good?

The new gym will be featuring new bleachers and even a new floor. This could really help indoor home games for sports such as volleyball and basketball. When asked how she felt about the gym renovations, principal, Tracey Franklin replied, “Excited! It’s long overdue. It’s great for all students, athletes and gym classes.”

However not everyone is as excited as Franklin. The volleyball team has been hampered greatly. Their entire home season has been canceled. “My heart aches for the volleyball team. But many people do not understand the timing the renovation is taking place and who is responsible,” says Franklin.

Jordan Sweets, a volleyball player, was asked how she felt a about the gym being renovated. “It’s great that they’re fixing the school up, but during the volleyball season?” The team was able to practice in the gym until Labor Day. After that they would proceed with the renovations.

The administrators hope to make up for it though. “We are committed to show support and advertise for seniors who are now unable to have their senior night in the gym,” Franklin said when asked about Senior Night.

The faculty hopes the new gym will really bring the student body together and help improve the school. To get the rainbow you have to deal with the storm.

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