80’s Music and Ride All Night Trump Storms

The weather was touch and go for a while.  Folks all around the county watched the weather to see if the show would go on.  Storms blew in and out quickly.  The temperatures lowered a bit, the skies cleared, and the crowds flocked to Walkersville.

The lines for rides seemed to rival those for several years.  Those riding didn’t seem to mind the lines.  They rode all night!  A brief shower around 9:30 closed a few rides and thinned some of the crowd, but it didn’t last long.wpid-wp-1404358235934.jpeg

The Reagan Years did not disappoint.  They rocked the carnival grounds with classic 80’s music.  They took requests and demonstrated their talent at recreating the sounds so many of us enjoyed during the decade of Ronald Reagan.

Tonight, the Walkersville Volunteer Fire Company will provide Fried Chicken, Ham & Roast Turkey for the All-You-Can-Eat buffet.  Allen Brown, Debbie Williams and Friends will entertain from the stage. A $300 Raffle Drawing will be held.  At 10 p.m., the annual Gigantic Fireworks Display will provide all of Walkersville with patriotic pride on this eve of Independence Day.

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