4K for Cancer Volunteers Ride In the Fight Against Cancer

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news - taylor - 4k for cancerby Taylor McClelland

7.6 million people die of Cancer every year worldwide. The mission of the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults is to raise money and awareness for this statistic.

Saturday, September 13th, many volunteers, including Walkersville soccer program, helped out with their many bike races. The soccer team helped set up and take down tents so that the many bike riders could rest after a long day of riding. This allowed the bike riders to ride 50 miles each day and even visit local cancer patients.

Stephen Hersey, 4K for Cancer program manager, said “We hope to continue the growth of the 4K for Cancer so that the program can better accomplish its mission of empowering young adults in the fight against cancer.” His mission has greatly impacted people across the world since 1997.

Nicole Considine, 4K for Cancer Program coordinator said “I was able to see firsthand the benefits that this program can offer to those in the fight against Cancer.” Considine participates in almost all of the 4K for Cancer rides.

When asked their opinion on 4K for Cancer, many of the volunteers said “Every mile matters.” This phrase is significant because this is the motto that the program lives by. Every mile that they run or bike they let the world know that they are done losing family and friends to this awful disease. They want it to end.

There are many ways you can make a difference in this program from being a biker to having your town host it. Always remember that every mile matter.

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