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2014 General Election in Glade Valley

c_election2014With early voting beginning today, Glade Valley residents have big choices in this pivotal election. Here’s a run-down of the candidates and the local offices. Incumbents are marked with an asterisk (*).

Maryland State Senate – Vote for One:

Dan Rupli (D)

Michael Hough (R)

House of Delegates – District 4 – Vote for Three:

Gene Stanton (D)

Kathy Afzali (R) *

Kelly Schultz (R) *

David E. Vogt, III (R)

County Executive:

Jan Gardner (D)

Blaine Young (R) *

County Council At Large – Vote for Two:

Susan Reeder Jessee (D)

Linda Marie Norris (D)

Bud Otis (R)

Billy Shreve (R) *

County Council District 5 – Vote for One:

Mark Long (D)

Kirby Delauter (R) *

Judge of the Circuit Court – Judicial Circuit 6:

Danny B. O’Connor *

Scott Rolle

State’s Attorney:

Teresa Rivera Bean (D)

Charlie Smith (R) *

Clerk of the Circuit Court:

Lisa Munyan (D)

Sandra K. Dalton (R) *

Register of Wills:

Chad W. Weddle (D)

Sharon Keller (R) *

Judge of the Orphans’ Court –  Vote for Three:

James Edward French (D)

Janis Judson (D)

Bonnie L. Nicholson (D)

Cleopatra Campbell (R) *

Adrian McC. Remsburg (R) *

Jimmy W. Trout (R)


Karl Bickel (D)

Chuck Jenkins (R) *

Board of Education – Vote for Four:

Liz Barrett

Colleen E. Cusimano *

Mike Ferrell

Millicent Hall

Kenneth Kerr

April Fleming Miller *

Richard S. Vallaster, III

Brad W. Young *

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