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WHS Softball Team Wins Regionals and Play In Final Four at States

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The Lions softball team came home with a wonderful win to move them towards states inch by inch. We asked the ladies how this season was and how the game went.

Junior Katelyn Burdette “Prior to playoffs we were really struggling to come together as a team. We had lost seven straight in a row. We did all we knew how to change it but the time just wasn’t right. Fortunately enough, the time for us to get it together was playoffs! We have played each and every single game as a team and that is the only reason we are now regional champs! #statesbound”

Junior Kate Donaghue said “We won our game and it was a really good feeling. The Walkersville softball team hasn’t won a regional championship in a while so it was great to win. I’m really looking forward to states and hope you keep playing like we have been.”

The Lions are just coming off of their regional championship win and feel confident about their ability as players.

Junior Lauryn Whiten said “I used to play softball and I am extremely proud of the team and furthermore my friends on the team. I think the team is so underrated and we should appreciate them more. I hope they make it all the way to states and win.”

Freshman Hannah Angulo stated “I hope that the team makes it a long way on their journey to states. I hope that they are successful and they beat them by a longshot and personally I think they should get more recognition as great athletes.”

Tonight the Lions continue their journey to becoming state champions. They will be going up against Eastern Tech in Baltimore County where hopefully they will become regional champions.

If you can go out and support them tonight in Glen Burnie,Maryland.

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