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Whitmore Will Not Seek Re-Election

Walkersville Burgess Ralph Whitmore
Walkersville Burgess Ralph Whitmore

As he wrapped up last night’s Town Meeting, Walkersville Burgess Ralph Whitmore announced that he will not be seeking re-election this year. While there were many rumors that he would not run, this was his first official statement.

After the Town Commissioners unanimously approved fiscal year 2016 budgets for the general fund and water fund, Whitmore explained there was a lot to do over the next few months before the Town holds elections. He wants to be sure three specific projects are either done or well on their way to being accomplished. His goals include an upgrade at the park using Project Open Space grant funds, a new water treatment plant, and selling the water reservoir. Earlier in the meeting, he asked that funds for a new building in the park be included in the budget.

Whitmore explained that sixteen years as Burgess is a long time. “Its time for some new blood,” he explained.

During the past two evenings of Town Hall meetings, several names of potential candidates for Burgess have been mentioned.  Three sitting Town Commissioners expressed interest, but no one has officially announced their candidacy.

Last year, Mr. Whitmore ran against Kirby Delauter in the Republican Primary for the new Frederick County Council’s Fifth District.  He had a very good showing in Glade Valley against then County Commissioner Kirby Delauter.

During the last Town of Walkersville Elections, he soundly defeated his only opponent, George Rudy.

Before serving as Burgess of Walkersville, Ralph Whitmore served as a Town Commissioner from 1991 until 1999. A lifelong resident of Walkersville, he has served the town in many capacities on boards, the Walkersville Volunteer Fire Company, local business owner, and dominoes player.

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