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Sheetz Expansion Approved

newsheetzThe Walkersville Planning Commission granted approval to Sheetz’ site plan and site improvement plan last night. The approval came after the planning commission approve the formation of one lot from two owned by Nancy Sheetz, whose husband Steve Sheetz serves as Sheetz Family Council Chairman for the Altoona-based, family-owned convenience-store chain.

Work was already underway to Tuesday to meet requirements for approval. An abandoned sewer line that once served a home on the former “Lot 2R” had to be removed before Frederick County and the Town of Walkersville approved any of the requests. Sheetz demolished the home on that property some time ago.

With the approval, Sheetz will put plans on paper to shovels in the ground. The new lot accommodates plans approved last night for:

  • a new store of 6,489 square feet that will replace the current store of 3,887 square feet,
  • indoor seating for dining,
  • outdoor seating for dining,
  • new gas pumps and canopy (the number of pumps will not increase),
  • an automated, touchless car wash,
  • Mills Custom Wood Floors

  • a drive-thru for Sheetz’s “M-T-O” menu,
  • fifty parking spaces, and
  • parking for Sheetz trucks shift changes.

Sheetz representatives explained that the drive-thru will feature a computer screen to place orders just like in the store. Their drive-thru’s offer a different experience from fast-food, because so much can be customized and each item is made to order. As a result, the queue for the drive-thru allows a longer wait for customers without causing too much of a pile-up.

The car wash also offers customers a computer order screen that accepts credit cards or a code from the gas pump. “When you buy gas, you will be offered a choice of buying a car wash,” explained Michael LaCesa, Director of Real Estate for Sheetz in the Eastern Region.

Mrs. Sheetz owns one other lot to the west of the new lot. In a previous meeting, Sheetz presented tentative plans for an office building and to move the shift-change parking for trucks from the store lot to the office lot. The Town of Walkersville plans a new road, Richard Winn Lane, to be built between that lot and the store’s lot. Richard Winn Lane will connect Fountain Rock Road and Stauffer Court. Once Richard Winn Lane is built, planners hope to limit movements at Fountain Rock Road’s intersection with Woodsboro Pike to right-in and right-out only.


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