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Government Shutdown hurts Local Families

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In the United States, government shutdowns typically last a few days to a week. The end of 2018, though, brought a new shutdown, which is still happening. The funding for Donald Trump’s wall is the current controversy in congress. Trump and the republican party are asking for $5 billion for the wall on the United States-Mexico border. Democrats are offering $1.5 billion, which led to disagreements and a shutdown when they could not come to a decision.

Trump’s demands to end the shutdown include more than $5 billion dollars for the wall, more than he originally asked for. The president said he is willing to keep the government closed for “as long as it takes” to get the money for his wall. He is threatening to build without congressional approval. On Friday, Trump said, “Absolutely, we could call a national emergency because of the security of our country. We may call a national emergency and do it very quickly.”

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The shutdown has led to many people not being able to access services they need and leaves many government employees unpaid. For some, not getting paid for the past 16 days means they can’t pay rent, bills or for food. Some are facing homelessness as they can’t pay for rent. Brian Raub, a government employee in the IRS hasn’t been paid for the past 16 days, and if the government isn’t opened up again soon, his family could have a very steady decrease in income. “Working for the IRS for the last 15 years, I’ve dealt with multiple government shutdowns,” said Raub. “Even though my family is going to be fine if the shutdown lasts for a month, other families won’t be. Some people working for the government work paycheck to paycheck.”

The current government shutdown is the longest in history. As it drags on, more and more people are affected. In the next few days, there will hopefully be some new revelations in this controversial shutdown.

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