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New Midway and Woodsboro to Remain in Separate School Buildings

Frederick County Public Schools recently announced that they were considering conolidation of New Midway and Woodsboro Elementary School into the one building of Woodsboro Elementary School. The school currently operates as one school in two locations. They share administrators, guidance counselors, and specials teachers. Frederick County sought to find savings in time and money by moving all students to Woodsboro. The community was invited to provide input to help make the decision. This morning, Dr. Diuseppe Di Monte, the school’s principal, announced that they would not be consolidating. The following…

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Walkersville’s Got Talent, and It Shined On the Stage Thursday Night

WHS Lions Pride Original Story: On Thursday March 8th, Walkersville held their second annual talent show.  Performers had been practicing for weeks to do their best- and it certainly paid off! The first act contained Elijah Oliver singing “Dangerous Woman,” with Rachel Boyd on the piano. Avonleigh Broadhurst was up next with a beautiful rendition of “Beauty from Pain.”  Following Broadhurst was Ellie McMahon pointe dancing to “Marzipan.” Tori Piechowski sang “Raise a Little Hell.” Then, Deirdre Hall sang “Scarborough Affair” while Matthew Bennici picked the song on the guitar.…

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